32 secs 1.6.1 - Unlimited Energy, All Vehicles Unlocked and Fully Upgraded

32 secs 1.6.1
32 secs 1.6.1
32 secs 1.6.1
isTom Games  |  Racing  |  Play Store

What you get
 • Unlimited Coins
 • All Vehicles Unlocked, Fully Upgraded
 • All Areas Unlocked

 • Root Access: YES!
 • Es explorer

 • Will work to newer version
 • You can update the game after applied this cheat
 • Must be extracted using es explorer

Apply Cheat
  1. Download savegame file
  2. Force stop game and clear data
  3. Go to downloaded save file
  4. Extract to /data/data/
  5. Play your game and enjoy!

How To....
  • Download Savegame
  • Force stop game and clear data
  • Extract savegame to /Android/data/
  • Extract savegame to /data/data/
  • Get access to /data/data/
  • Get bestselling cheap products  ads
  • Backup game data
  • Check root on your device
  • Root your phones
savegame 8355905943482016177



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