Tiny Archers Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Gems

Tiny Archers Cheat
Tiny Archers Cheat
Tiny Archers Cheat
Tiny Archers
1DER Entertainment  |  Action  |  com.OsOs.TinyArchers

Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Gems

 • Root Access: NO :)
 • Es explorer

 • Will work to newer version
 • You can update the game
 • Can be played online
 • Will generate new id
 • Extract using es explorer!

Apply Cheat
  1. Download savegame file
  2. If fresh install, play a while
  3. Force stop game, Don't clear data
  4. Go to /Android/data/com.OsOs.TinyArchers/files/Documents/
  5. Find and rename file TinyData to TinyData.bak
  6. Go to downloaded save file
  7. Extract to /Android/data/
Tiny Archers Cheat

  8. Now open TinyData.bak with es editor
  9. IF file look like this, set encoding to windows-1258
Tiny Archers Cheat
Tiny Archers Cheat

  10. Tap edit, hold and select between $...รบ , tap copy
Tiny Archers Cheat

  11. Tap back button to close current editor
  12. Now open and edit TinyData with es editor
  13. Tap edit, hold and select this, then paste
Tiny Archers Cheat

  14. Tap save and exit the editor
  15. Run the game and Enjoy the cheat!

How To....
  • Download Savegame
  • Force stop game and clear data
  • Extract to /Android/data/
  • Extract to /data/data/
  • Get access to /data/data/
  • Backup game data
  • Root your phones
savegame 7175127320762955692


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